Welcome Home.


“The effect of these lakes is that of a mirror broken into a thousand pieces,” wrote the famous naturalist Henry David Thoreau, who explored Maine’s Northwoods with the help of Indian guides in the 19th century.

Even back then, the Moosehead Lake region offered Thoreau and those who followed a restorative respite from the quickening pace of modern life. Today, the haven offered by the Northwoods is more essential than ever.

“Northwoods” refers to a vast, unspoiled region of Maine that includes a spellbinding tapestry of natural lakes and ponds, carved into the landscape during the last glacial era, and home to an abundant population of fish and waterfowl. This region is also known for dense forests that teem with wildlife including moose, black bear, otters, and hundreds of species of birds.

Burnt Jacket at Moosehead Lake sits at the gateway to this vast, unspoiled wilderness, which beckons to the inner explorer in all of us.