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Lying at the headwaters of several clear-running rivers, Moosehead Lake remains very much as it was when naturalist writer Henry David Thoreau and other visitors “discovered” it in the 19th century. (Actually, this land has a rich archaeological history, having been occupied by Native Americas for over 10,000 years.)

Nestled at the foot of tree-covered mountain ranges, Moosehead Lake is New England’s largest lake, and the second-largest lake east of the Mississippi located in one state. In case you’re curious, Florida’s Lake Okeechobee is the largest, but few lakes anywhere rival the breathtaking beauty of Moosehead Lake.

Covering 117 square miles, the cool, crystalline waters of Moosehead Lake fill a glacier-scoured basin that supports an astounding diversity of wildlife habitats. The shimmering blue surface stretches as far as the eye can see in many places, and the lake is studded with more than 80 islands. Some mountains, such as the famous Mt. Kineo, rise straight up from the water, creating unforgettable scenery.