Welcome Home.

What happens on Moosehead Lake should be shared with the world!

Time is our most precious commodity. We work hard for that little extra time to ourselves. Where we spend our time says as much about us as any of our other material trappings or good deeds. Moosehead Lake’s abundance of possibilities for authentic experiences appeals to everyone with a pulse.

Burnt Jacket at Moosehead Lake delivers an unspoiled, unencumbered existence where time is yours and yours alone. Time to breathe the air as nature intended, time to create a home above any other properties you may have or the time to invent grand stories about summers at “the lake house” that just may inspire the masterpiece of the budding artist in the family.

No, there may never be another time like the great Adirondack camps that entertained the Rockefellers, Fords and Carnegies but rest assured, if it were to be again, Maine and Moosehead Lake may hold the last bastion of that hope.

Burnt Jacket is where your family’s history can take an unimagined turn.

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