Introducing the exclusive waterfront development Burnt Jacket at Moosehead Lake. True luxury living in the rustic beauty of Maine.

Introducing the exclusive waterfront development Burnt Jacket at Moosehead Lake.  True luxury living in the rustic beauty of Maine.
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    • Nestled in the quaint village of Beaver Cove, Burnt Jacket is the only private lakefront community for sale on majestic Moosehead Lake. Now is the perfect time to consider the opportunity as nearly half of the entire shoreline of Moosehead Lake is owned by the State of Maine and therefore protected from future development. At the risk of sounding cliché, time and space is extremely limited.

      • Development is only 6 miles from Greenville and the Municipal Airport
      • Burnt Jacket is easily accessible from State Highway #15
      • 1.5 hours north of Bangor and 2.5 hours from Portland.
      • Multiple sea plane bases located in Greenville and Beaver Cove

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      With very few businesses and no industry of note, Beaver Cove has been able to firmly capture and preserve a picturesque residential setting normally found only in post cards. This tranquil and uncomplicated culture allows Beaver Cove to maintain a modest and very attractive tax rate for real estate investment, vacation homes and permanent residents alike.

      Seclusion is not the exact term we would use but rather "visited with purpose" might better represent Beaver Cove and Moosehead Lake. The permanent population is fewer than 100 and only swells to, at most, 400 during the peak summer season. Our more identifiable residents will enjoy all of the privacy they may need or desire in any season.

      The front door of your Burnt Jacket home will literally open up to all that the great outdoors has to offer. Along with hiking, hunting and just relaxing, sport boating and fishing are integral to the Moosehead experience. At 117 square miles and over 230 miles or shoreline, Moosehead Lake is the second largest lake east of the Mississippi that is located entirely in one state. Centuries of respectful human influence and pristine natural conditions has created a lake teaming with popular game fish like Landlock Salmon, Lake Trout and Brook Trout.

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      Sensitivity and care has paced every decision during the more than 3 years of planning for this one-of-a-kind community. At the very foundation, the entire development is sited in an extremely functional and environmentally friendly design. One example is that for each acre of construction in the project area, nearly 2 acres are reserved as open green space and common areas.

      Outside of strictly environmental initiatives, all Burnt Jacket homes will be subject to approval as they adhere to architectural guidelines. These guidelines have been carefully drafted to balance all of the limitless possibilities of luxury, upscale development with the protection of the natural resources of the area and to maintain cohesiveness in the community.

      The careful planning of property management services will allow our residents and owners peace of mind as they enjoy life on the lake, visit on a whim or plan an extended vacation. Your home will always be found as you left it or as you would like it.